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Fine Jewelry

Always on-trend and in-style, Elebash's Jewelers has the selection and styles you'll love!

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Is fashion your passion?

If you change that question to “fashion jewelry”, we at Elebash’s would certainly have to say yes! You’ll find the most fashion-forward styles right here in our showroom. We are consistently looking at the latest and greatest trends and attending some of the largest jewelry shows in the world to find them.

We want the jewelry you’ll find here to be an extension of your personality, not simply what we love. You’ll find designs that are classic, yet unique. Chic, but still comfortable to wear. More importantly, the jewelry you love should be able to be worn day to night and fit your lifestyle completely. Here’s what we pride ourselves on: Fine jewelry that is perfect to wear every day or for any occasion with exceptional quality. Every piece of fine jewelry you find in our store is something we know you can love for years to come.

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Featured designers

A. Link Jewelry Logo


Since 1904, A. Link has been renowned for creating elegant and timeless diamond jewelry, pleasing the most discerning diamond lovers who search for a perfect mix of unparalleled design and superior craftsmanship. A. Link boasts top quality diamond jewelry, exquisite items that charm the trendsetters and captivate connoisseurs. For over 100 years, A. Link jewelry collections have been designed with one guiding characteristic that still holds true today; make the diamonds perform.

Henri Daussi Jewelry Logo

Henri Daussi

Cutting the world’s most brilliant diamonds and creating some of the world’s finest bridal jewelry is a family affair founded by Henri Daussi Loots more than 60 years ago. One-of-a-kind traditional and innovative proprietary cuts create engagement rings that reflect the inherent beauty of each conflict-free stone. Stand-out his-and-her wedding bands exhibit striking design and expert craftsmanship, with hand-set gemstones that include white, black and yellow fancy diamonds, blue and pink sapphires, as well as rubies.

Julie Vos Jewelry Logo

Julie Vos

Discover Wearable Luxury in Every Piece. Designed in the heart of New York City, Julie Vos fashion jewelry showcases the perfect blend of timeless elegance and contemporary style. Crafted with semi-precious gemstones, pearls, and fused glass, each piece is meticulously hand-set in luxurious 24K gold plate. Experience the allure of Julie Vos, where quality meets artistry, creating jewelry that's not just an accessory but a statement of refined beauty.

Simon G. Jewelry Logo

Simon G.

Discover Timeless Elegance and Unrivaled Craftsmanship with Simon G Jewelry. Established in 1981, Simon G is celebrated as one of today's most creative jewelers, passionately crafting exquisite pieces using the finest materials. Our engagement rings exude antique allure with a contemporary twist, perfect for women who embrace their distinct style. Experience the artistry of Simon G, where affordable luxury meets uncompromising quality.

1919 ollection logo

1919 collection

At Elebash Jewelry Company, we take immense pride in our legacy of creating exquisite jewelry that has adorned generations. In celebration of the year we embarked on our journey, we proudly present the 1919 Collection. Our 1919 Collection embodies the essence of uniqueness and timelessness. We invite you to explore these timeless pieces that have been handcrafted with passion and a commitment to upholding the artistry of fine jewelry, as our store has for over a century.


Trends do come and go. In the world of fine jewelry, you’ll see that occasionally, like with our permanent jewelry, though not so often. However, core classics should always be part of any wardrobe and are always in style. Fine jewelry pieces like diamond stud and hoop earrings, everyday diamond pendants, diamond bracelets and diamond eternity bands look great in every jewelry wardrobe. But, if you’re looking for what’s currently trending, you’ve come to the right place, too! Here are a few ideas of what you might want to consider adding.

stackable jewelry

Stacks and layers.

Stackable bands and layered jewelry have been all the rage for the last few years and officially need a place in your everyday wardrobe collection. Here’s what we love about them: You can wear two—or seven. You can mix metals and colored gemstones to your heart’s content. The point is, the possibilities are endless. Create stacks and layers for your fingers, arms and neckline.

colored gemstone ring

Color and more color.

This is a trend we hope will stay in vogue. Colored gemstone jewelry started to become more popular back in 2018, and it is continually on the radar. Why? Because color allows you to express yourself. Shop our fine jewelry collections and check out our gorgeous colored gemstones! Want to learn more about colored gemstones? Search here.

yellow gold jewelry

Yellow is beyond mellow.

Yellow gold was once a staple in classic jewelry and then it fell out of favor to its white gold counterpart for several years. It’s back now, though, and we’re excited it continues to be popular. We also love the designers that are mixing metals. We think yellow gold fine jewelry should be part of any wardrobe. And, we’re happy it’s made such a huge comeback!

hoop earrings

Hoop dreams.

Hoop earrings are a fashion essential that will be part of any jewelry wardrobe, no matter your size preference. Larger hoops are very much in vogue. With different size hoops and mixed metals to match your personal style, you can always find diamond hoop earrings to match your style and budget!

diamond stud earrings

Can you ever have enough?

Diamonds match everything in your wardrobe and are always appropriate to wear. They will always be in style, therefore, you can never go wrong with anything crafted in diamonds.