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custom jewelry design
custom jewelry design
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Custom Jewelry Design

Create your special one-of-a-kind piece.

Large Selection!

From diamonds and colored stones to gold jewelry and pearls, Elebash’s has a wide selection of fine jewelry for every occasion.

Natural vs. Lab Grown Diamonds

When you’re considering a diamond purchase, it’s important to gather knowledge about the differences between a natural, Earth-mined diamond compared to a lab-grown diamond. You’re likely hearing a lot about lab-grown diamonds but may not know much about them. And making a diamond purchase can invoke anxiety. We get it!

Learn about Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstone jewelry offers a personalized touch, showcasing vibrant hues and symbolic meanings. From the tranquil green of emeralds signifying growth to the passionate red of rubies representing love, these cherished accessories transcend fashion trends, leaving a lasting impression with their beauty and significance.

Understand the 4 c's of Buying a Diamond

Here’s a fun fact: diamonds are like snowflakes and fingerprints; no two diamonds are alike. A natural diamond's journey begins billions of years before it arrives in our showcase. Your journey with us will be considerably shorter, rest assured! Diamond knowledge starts with the basics: The 4Cs.

Exquisite Jewelry, Exceptional Service

A fixture of downtown Pensacola since 1919, Elebash’s is the city’s oldest jewelry shop. For more than 104 years, we’ve provided high quality diamonds and fine jewelry to customers all along the gulf coast. We invite you to visit our store and welcome the opportunity to serve you.