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Custom Design

Our Unique Approach:
Tailoring Your Vision With Our Expertise!

Bespoke Design

In an ever-growing trend, more and more of our valued clients seek jewelry with a personal touch. They yearn for pieces that narrate stories or hold special significance, and they want to take part in the creation of something distinctively “them.”

The custom design wave has been sweeping across the country, and that’s reflected in the many requests we’ve received for one of a kind jewelry.

The reason is simple: custom design is not just a service we offer; it's a passion and expertise. We embrace the concept of customization, from crafting one-of-a-kind engagement rings to crafting exquisite fashion jewelry.

As leaders in the realm of fine jewelry custom design, we've gone the extra mile by establishing a fully equipped on-site jewelry manufacturing facility. This means that our original creations are meticulously engineered, fashioned, and perfected right here within our premises. Meet with our master craftsmen and grant them the privilege of bringing your unique vision to life.

custom jewery deign tools

Our Design Process

Picture Your Dream Piece

At Elebash Jewelry Company, we're here to turn your dreams into a stunning reality. Begin by envisioning your perfect custom jewelry piece. Whether it's an engagement ring inspired by an Instagram post, a pendant resembling a cherished magazine clipping, or a design you've spotted online, let your imagination run wild.

custom engagement ring sketch

Meet our Jeweler

Bob Meadows founded Meadows Jewelers in 1975. His love for Pensacola began during his time at the University of West Florida. Following his graduation in 1971 and a fulfilling three-year term in the United States Army, Bob embarked on a transformative one-year internship with the renowned New Orleans Jeweler, Henry Baudin. This experience nurtured Meadows' innate talent, propelling his skills to flourish. In the midst of the challenging 1975 recession, Bob made the bold decision to branch out on his own.

As Bob's reputation for adeptly handling intricate repairs spread, other establishments started seeking his expertise for their repair work. This marked the inception of his prominent role in the realm of "Trade Work." This distinction propelled Bob to lead the foremost trade shop in Northwest Florida, catering to the repair needs of up to twenty distinct stores. His clientele ranged from independent jewelers to department stores and even national jewelry chain outlets.

It's through this dedicated trade work that we believe Bob has restored more jewelry pieces than any other jeweler in the long history of Pensacola, Florida. Moreover, Bob Meadows himself holds the distinction of repairing more jewelry items than any other individual along the entire Gulf Coast. On numerous occasions, particularly during the months of December and January, we find ourselves resizing or tending to repairs for over 100 rings or other pieces of jewelry in a single day.

In 2019, after 44 years of operating Meadows Jewelers, Bob decided to join his son-in-law, Patrick Elebash, and the Elebash Jewelry Company Team. A state-of-the-art jewelry repair facility was added where Bob can be found today, unless he's on the golf course, or spending time with his wife Deb and any of his nine grandchildren. This transition has allowed us to integrate the wealth of experience and knowledge from both legacies into a singular powerhouse of expertise.

custom designed engagement ring

Custom Engagement Rings

The quest for the perfect ring starts right here at Elebash’s. Within our treasure trove, you'll discover a diverse selection of stunning engagement rings, each representing a wide range of styles. Whether your heart yearns for simplicity and organic allure, a touch of romantic vintage charm, or a boldly modern statement – rest assured, we have the ring you're seeking. All our rings are crafted with the utmost quality, ensuring that your love story is celebrated uniquely.

When you're ready to embark on a journey of commitment, visit Elebash’s. We promise that you will fall in love with our extensive collection of top-of-the-line designer brand engagement rings. And if you desire something even more personal, we're poised to create a ring as distinct as the woman who will wear it.

custom jewelry bracelet

Custom Fine Jewelry at Elebash’s

At Elebash’s, we've been crafting custom jewelry long before it became a widespread desire. Today, customers crave personalization that holds symbolic significance. A custom piece of jewelry is not just unique; it mirrors your style and personality in a tangible form. Custom design allows you to explore a multitude of options, from selecting the metal type to choosing the perfect design. Also, it lets you incorporate elements that hold personal meaning for you. It's a creation you actively participate in, as one-of-a-kind as you are. And, remarkably, it remains affordable.

Ready to embark on this extraordinary journey? Schedule an appointment with one of our master craftsmen and set the wheels in motion for your custom engagement ring or wedding band.

Prefer Something More Personal?

There are numerous places to shop for engagement rings and fine jewelry today, including online. However, if you yearn for something deeply personal, utterly unique, and profoundly symbolic, only a select few offer the opportunity for custom-designed bridal and fine jewelry. Elebash’s ranks among the top jewelry stores in Pensacola, specializing in the art of custom design. We are the trailblazers in this field, infusing extraordinary skill into every step of the process.

Custom Design Inquiry