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Engagement Rings

Breathtaking rings in traditional and alternative styles.

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Begin Your Engagement Ring Journey in Pensacola

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be overwhelming. With numerous styles and questions, it's hard to know where to start. Look no further than Elebash’s. Our collection offers a variety of stunning engagement rings, from simple and elegant to nature-inspired, vintage, or modern. Every ring is of the highest quality and uniquely celebrates your relationship.

When you're ready to embark on your journey together, visit Elebash’s. We have a range of top-tier designer brand engagement rings, ensuring you find the one. If you want something truly unique, we can also create a custom ring just for her.

selection of engagement rings

Find Not Just a Ring, But the Perfect Ring at Elebash’s

An engagement ring is a symbol of your love and commitment to one another. But we believe it’s even more than that. An engagement ring is one of the most important purchases you will ever make. That’s why we offer an incredible selection from some of the world’s top designers to go along with some of our own in house custom bespoke creations. Beyond our exceptional selection, a visit to us guarantees unparalleled expertise in bridal rings. 

Along with our spectacular selection, visit us to find the highest expertise in bridal rings and, more importantly, a family jeweler who truly cares about your love story, and wants to help you capture it. Bring your dream ring into beautiful reality without the stress. Elebash’s expert staff is here to help you hear the words you want to hear, “YES!”

bridal bands metal types

Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Metals

When you come to Elebash’s, our discussion about your engagement ring will include the choice of the main metal for your ring. If you lead an active lifestyle, engage in hands-on work, or frequent the gym, it's crucial to opt for a metal that suits your needs. While gold stands as the favored option, it's worth noting that white gold may require occasional replating. On the other hand, platinum, although pricier and weightier, is exceptionally durable. Selecting the right metal isn't just about your budget, but also about aligning with your lifestyle.

This principle extends to wedding bands as well. Particularly in the realm of men’s wedding bands, we're pleased to offer styles in alternative metals that exude elegance and style. In fact, many men decide to have a formal band in a traditional metal alongside an extra band in an alternative metal, perfect for day-to-day wear. Whether you are considering white, yellow, or rose gold, or even platinum or palladium, we stand ready to guide you through all the benefits and limitations of each.

May We Propose Something Unique?

Today, there are a myriad of stores and online sites for you to shop engagement rings. But, if you’ve checked them out and find yourself wanting a ring that’s more personal, unique and symbolic of your relationship, there are only a handful that offer custom design bridal and engagement rings. Elebash’s is considered to be one of the premier jewelry stores in Pensacola, specializing in custom design. We are the area’s custom leader, and we bring extraordinary skill to the process.

custom engagement ring on bench

Custom Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands at Elebash’s

At Elebash’s, we've been creating unique bridal jewelry long before it became a trend. Today's couples want engagement rings that echo their bond, and a custom ring does just that. Design your own ring to match your vision, from the metal and diamond to engravings and more. You can even add special touches, like a hidden gem in your favorite color or a unique pattern. With a custom design, you're part of the ring's creation, making it as special as your journey together. And the best part? It's more affordable than you might think.

Request an appointment with one of our master craftsmen to get started on your engagement ring or wedding band.


Our Custom Designed Engagement Ring Process

When the perfect engagement ring seems elusive, and your search has led you everywhere else, it might be the right moment to consider a custom design. Our skilled jewelers are here to collaborate with you on crafting a unique ring, bracelet, necklace, or any other item you have in mind. Many of our custom designs stem from customer concepts – whether it's a personal creation, an image from a magazine, a recreation of a lost heirloom, or something spotted but hard to find.

We're delighted to navigate you through the custom design journey, starting from the initial idea, progressing to sketches, CAD images, 3-D renderings, wax models, and the final creation. Our meticulous, multi-step design process ensures your vision comes to life. If you can imagine it, our jewelers can bring it into reality. Share your ideas with us today!  Learn more about our custom design process here!

Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

Let your “yes!” make a colorful statement.

If you haven’t noticed, colored gemstones in engagement rings have made a big comeback in recent years. Some say the trend started with Princess Diana and her blue sapphire engagement ring. Kate Middleton continued that tradition. One reason to consider the addition of a precious colored gemstone is that sapphires, rubies and emeralds express individuality, are valuable, and are a departure from the conventional diamond. Many fashion-forward brides are opting for fancy colored diamonds ranging from white and soft pink to the faint browns of champagne to vivid yellows and many other hues—all of which are rare and beautiful. In any case, making your statement in a colored gemstone could be just the alternative you’re looking for rather than a traditional white diamond.

colored gemstone engagement ring

What’s Trending in Engagement Rings

As you could gather, engagement rings come in all sizes, shapes and settings. But most importantly, you should always choose an engagement ring that speaks to your style, whether or not it’s on-trend. As we know, trends do come and go over the years, so it’s important to truly love it. Today, the following styles and diamond shapes are making a resurgence.

oval shape engagement ring

Oval Cut Diamonds

Sure, we love round diamonds, and they are by far the most brilliant. But oval diamonds have been back in style and we love that they don’t appear to be losing ground in popularity. They have a flattering shape that looks great on fingers and the diamond can be styled in a setting both vertically and horizontally for a completely different look. They also have a distinctly vintage vibe, especially when paired with a simple band.

rose gold engagement ring

Rose Gold

Gold is by far the most popular precious metal in the US, but there’s something about rose gold that makes for a perfect setting. At Elebash’s, we especially love it when it’s mixed with yellow or white gold for a very unique look. It’s been trending for several years now since it’s feminine and flattering. Rose gold speaks to the true romantic and we’ve seen it emerging in many of our engagement ring lines.

colored engagement ring

Colored Gemstones

We’ve seen a surge in colored gemstone popularity for several years, ever since the Princess of Wales flashed her blue sapphire engagement ring! If you’re looking for a pop of color, you’ll be happy to hear that engagement rings featuring colored gemstones are still totally in vogue. From subtle to striking, colored gemstones are sure to be a standout choice to switch up a classic engagement ring.

pear shape engagement ring

Pear-Cut Styles

Pear-shaped diamonds were very big in the 1970s and we’re happy they’re back on the scene. Pear-shaped diamonds and other gemstones in mixed metals are now modern and fashion-forward, especially when paired with rose gold or stunning halo settings.

stackable engagement rings


Think one wedding band won’t do? Then consider the newest trend: stackables! Look for these bands to complement nicely with “tiara” style bands that form half-halos around center stones. Hint: adding a different stack every year also makes this trend an anniversary gift she’ll definitely love!

three stone engagement ring

3-Stone Rings

This trend has seen a resurgence in popularity ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement. Although not a new setting, (remember diamonds for your past, present and future?) you can choose three similar size diamonds, or one larger diamond with two-smaller diamonds flanking each side. After all, why have one diamond when you can have three?

split shank engagement ring

Split Shanks

A split shank band is two bands running parallel to each other with a gemstone separating them. And take it from us, it looks stunning on any finger. This style is both dramatic and classic, which is yet another reason to love it. Your center diamond will look like it’s suspended while it sparkles. It’s a very eye-catching look!

minimalist round engagement ring

Minimalist Round

The minimalist round is a true classic that will never go out of style, and it will most likely remain popular for quite some time. A minimalist look includes a simple band featuring a beautiful round diamond that takes center stage. It’s for the bride-to-be who wants a style that’s pretty and not over the top.